Homeownership Counseling

HUD Certified Homeownership Counseling is available to Hale County families. If families have not had excellent credit for the past two ears, free credit classes are offered through the HRC. Monthly homeownerhip workshops are available free of cost, to help families learn about the home buying process. Call HERO at 334-624-0842 to speak with a housing counselor and schedule an appointment.

Rural Development 502 Loan Program
Low & Very Low Income | Credit Requirement: Score of 640 +
  • Interest rate varies but is low (currently 4.625% fixed), 33-38 year max loan, max of 25% of adjusted gross income should go to housing, taxes and unsurance or 1% of borrowed amount.

  • Should be 19 years old or over (18 if married), and have ability to repay loan. Rural Dev may pay portion of payment as subsidy for very low income.

  • Actual application is made through Rural Development’s local office by appointment only. This program can be used to buy a new manufacture home, an existing home or be used to build a new home. Will lend up to 100% of appriased value.

  • Self Help Housing
    Self-help housing allows familes to provide some labor on the construction of their new homes in exchange for a lower mortgage. There are two programs:

    Habitat for Humanity
    Very Low Income Only | Credit Requirement: Pay all liens

    Habitat is not a give away program. Families buy their homes at 0% interest and they contribute 250 hours of labor to help build their home. Applications, donations and volunteer opportunities are available at HERO.

    Rural Development Mutual Self Help
    Low & Very Low Income | Credit Requirement: Score of 640 +

    Seven families work together with a contractor to build their new homes. In exchange for their labor, they get a reduced mortgage. The terms of the morgage are the same as the Rural Development 502 Loan Program, (see above).

    Alabama Housing Finance Authority Programs

    Step up
    Income Limit $97,300 | Credit Requirement: Score of 620 +

    100% financing with fixed interest, 30 year mortage, blended second mortage for down payment assistance with 20 year no interest loan for up to 6% of closing costs.

    MCC Program
    Allows people that fit First Step to receive an annual tax credit up front.

    Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan
    Moderate Income | Credit Requirement: Score of 620 + without medical collections

    Apply through approved lenders. No PMI, no down payement, 30 year fixed.

    Can be used for new construction or existing home. Can roll repair costs into loan. Up to 100% of appraised value can be financed. Not just for first time homebuyers.

    Private Financing/Mortgage Brokers

    Refinance, Equity Lines, Mortgages
    Stable Income for 2 Years | Credit Requirement: Score of 620 +

    Henger Rast Mortgage in Tuscaloosa | Brent Suet | 888-661-4762

    CTX Mortgage Broker | 205-759-5335

    1st Federal in Tuscaloosa and Demopolis | Becky Hess | 800-239-6929

    Home Repair

    Rural Development 504 Program

    RD-504 Loan
    Low & Very Low Income

    Must show ownership interest if under $7,500 but if > than must show clear title. Maximum Loan is $20,000 but can be reissued once paid off. 1% interest, term 20 years or less. No lifetime cap on the loan amount but you will need to have a good credit score. Loan and grant combo works best for quick funding and payment can be as low as $5 a month depending on income. Actual application is made through Rural Dev. Call them for an appointment.

    RD-504 Grant
    Very Low Income

    Max grant is $7500, lifetime cap. Must show ownership interest (can be letter for unrelated neighbor, tax recpt). Must be 62 years or older. Must not show repayment ability to get grant. Funds can be used to make house handicap accessible or fix health hazards such as new windows, insulation, storm windows, storm doors, wiring, central heat and air, plumbing, roof, septic. To do septic, it must pass perc. test. Right now there is a 3-5 ear wait for grant money so loan/grant combo works best to get funding faster. Actual application is made through Rural Development.

    Energy Efficiency - Weatherization Program

    The program works to assist low to moderate income families reduce airflow around doors, windows, roofs, and floors and make repairs to make home more energy effecient. Make an appointment to apply by calling 334-624-0842.

    Equity Line of Credit

    For homeowners that need repair, they can consider taking an equity line of credit or a first mortgage to do the repairs.

    Reverse Mortgages (Housing Equity Converstion Mortgage - HECM)

    For homeowners > 62 this mortage product allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. The loan does not require repayment until you no longer live in the home. Loan amount will be determined by your age, the value of the home and the current interest rate. HECM counseling is required and available at HERO or by phone.

    Rental Assistance

    HUD Section 8 Project Based Rental Assistance
    Income Based Housing | Low and Very Low Income

    To get rental assistance, you apply directly with each apartment manager. This allows qualified applicants to live in a low-income community with rental subsidy. Participants normally pay no more than 30% of adjusted monthly income towards rent and utilities.

    East Ridge Apartments | Multi-family | Main Street, Greensboro, AL
    District Manager: Larry King, 256-533-1727
    Greensboro Manager: Mary Williams, 334-624-4617

    Magnolia Village | Multi-family | Short Blount Street, Greensboro, AL
    Manager: Robin, 334-624-4388
    Manged by Morrow Realty, 205-759-5781

    Greensboro Housing Authority | Multi-family | Centerville St, Greensboro, AL
    Manager: Diane Banks, 334-624-7728

    Moundville Plaza/Garden Apartments | 270 Alabama Ave #501, Moundville, AL
    Manager: Sheila, 205-371-9009 (MWF 8am-4pm)

    Rural Development Rental Assistance
    Income Based Housing | Low and Very Low Income

    Canterbury Manor Apartments | AL Hwy 14, Greensboro, AL
    Manager: LaWanda Miller, 334-624-0770

    Griffin Mandela Apartments | 249 County Rd 28 #1, Greensboro, AL
    Manager: Lillian Wideman, 334-624-5675 (Mon-Frd 8am-12pm)

    Walnut Creek Apartments | 250 CR-28, Greensboro, AL
    Contact: Matt, 205-752-0009
    Manager: Tara Barger, 334-624-9944 (MWF)

    Affordable Housing
    Low Income Housing Tax Credit - No rental assistance is provided.

    Cherokee Apartments | 119 Gewin St, Akron, AL
    Manager: Sheila Kennedy, 205-371-9009

    Caldwell Creek | Marion Hwy, Greensboro, AL
    Manager: Sheila Kennedy, 334-624-8777

    Carriage Hills Apartments | HWY 14, Greensboro, AL
    Manager: Teressa Colvurn, 334-624-4843 (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm)

    Supportive Rental Assistance

    Spring Hill owned by West Alabama Mental Health | Demopolis
    Program Coordinator: Rosanne Masse, 334-289-3270

    Indian Rivers | Tuscaloosa

    Temporary Shelters

    Turning Point | Tuscaloosa | 205-758-0808
    Services women and children who’ve been victim of sexual and domestic violence. Transportation is available in certain areas to get to the shelter. Job and housing assistance is available upon arrival.

    Harriett’s House | Demopolis | 334-289-8985
    Services women and children who’ve been victim of sexual and domestic violence. Transportation is available in certain areas to get to the shelter. Job and housing assistance is available upon arrival.

    Hannah Home | Tuscaloosa | 205-553-0045
    Christian orginization offering services for women and children. Transportation is available to and from work once at shelter. Daycare is provided. Must be case worker signed. Currently there is a waiting list for this program.

    Salvation Army | Tuscaloosa | 205-758-2804
    Shelter for the homeless. Picture ID required. Background check performed on everyone. Breakfast and dinner provided. Check in 4:15-10:00pm. Stay three nights free then $7.00 per night or proof of job search thereafter.

    Jesus Way Homeless Shelter | Tuscaloosa | 205-759-9771
    Christian shelter for the homeless. Transportation provided once at shelter. Meals are also available.

    Foreclosure Counseling

    HERO | Greensboro | 334-624-0842
    Foreclosure counseling available by appointment.

    City of Tuscaloosa Community Planning and Development
    Contact Dora Drake: 205-349-0175

    Community Service Programs of West Alabama
    Contact Barbara Smith: 205-752-5429

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